Common Flashing Issues that a Roofing Professional Can Handle

Roofing Experts Urge Homeowners to Watch Out for These Flashing Issues

Roofs don’t receive as much attention as other parts of the home largely because they are designed to last a long while before signs of damage become apparent. However, that complacency can lead to critical roofing problems that fester over a long period. Roof flashing is one of the components that can degrade the quality of the roof of your home. Flashing provides protection on various roof joints like the junctions between the chimney, skylight or window.

Proper roof construction must be observed to ensure that there is flashing in all the right places to avoid water from entering the house. A homeowner in Croydon may have leaks that can be traced back to the flashing. Several reasons may cause flashing problems, which you can solve by hiring a company that offers roofing services. Read more from this article:


Should You Get Roofing Services for Roof Blistering?

Certain Roof Blisters Might Cause Problems, Roofing Experts State

Roof blistering is common, especially on low slope roofs, but it’s not always a cause for concern. One frequent argument about roof blisters, then, is whether to repair them or not.

You may be facing a similar problem with your home. An inspection reveals that your roof has blisters and you wonder what the best approach is to the situating. Blisters that are still intact can survive a while, but they can become a problem once they pop. Leaving an open blister without proper repairs can increase the rate of damage to your roof.

roofing contractor can patch up blisters during maintenance and add life to your roof. Homeowners should, however, understand what causes blisters, so they know when to call the professionals. Read more from this article:

Roofing Experts Share Tips on Preparing Your Flat Roof This Winter

Though flat roofs have a distinctive charm that can catch the attention of passers-by, a lot of care must be given to them to maintain its efficiency, not to mention its looks. This can be a challenge come winter, especially if you live in an area with heavy snowfall.

Yet, despite this seemingly challenging task, preparing your home’s flat roof can be made simple. You simply need to start as soon as possible with these steps recommended by roofing experts.

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Flat Roofing Systems: 3 Advantages Homeowners are Sure to Enjoy Having

When it comes to roofing options for domestic properties, most people think about pitched roofing. While pitched roofs are certainly the most common option, flat roofs are also a viable option homeowners in Surrey should consider.

Domestic flat roofs usually use two or more layers of reinforced bitumen membrane to provide a home with the necessary protection against the elements. Homeowners typically have a choice of two different flat roofs: warm roofing and cold roofing. Industry experts highly recommend warm roofing for domestic properties as its design avoids the need for ventilation of the roof structure.

Needing Space and a Home Extension? Consider a Flat Roofing Design

If you’ve been thinking of adding an extension to your property, you might want to consider giving that extra room flat roofing. True, flat roofs seem more difficult to maintain, given they don’t have a slope to let leaves, rainwater, or snow just slide off into gutters and drainage. However, flat roofing systems have their advantages, which you can maximize with the proper construction and maintenance – just ask trusted roofers around Croydon and Surrey.

Flat roofs offer opportunities for a rooftop area

You may be only needing a spare bedroom or a larger kitchen for the time being. But, if you have a growing family, you might be considering another home extension several years on. Flat roofs offer you a chance to hit two birds with one stone – or, at least, set you up to do that halfway. The space atop your extension can be eventually transformed into an outdoor recreation area or a garden.

A Look at Trends in Roofing across Surrey – Clay Tiles Still Popular


Concrete tiles are by far and away the most popular type of roof covering in the UK today, with about 60% of structures using it, especially on new builds.

For many of the companies who specialise in roofing across Surrey, the maintenance, repair or replacement of clay tiled roofs make up a large proportion of their business.

Getting Professional Help

Of all enquiries regarding problems with clay tiled roofs, the build up of moss is one of the most common, and is a favourite used by cowboy roofers who knock doors, and suggest the moss buildup can cause serious damage to the roof if it’s not removed.