How Professional Roofers Help live Your Roof the care It Deserves

The roof is one of the most important parts of any home. It maintains the structural integrity of the property and can add to its value so it deserves a little care and attention.

Common roofing problems

Whether you have a home with a flat or pitched roof or a combination of both, there are several common problems that can be avoided with a little help. In the south of England, there are distinct seasons and changeable weather, both of which can affect your roof.

High winds can loosen slates or tiles or they can become cracked or broken. Heavy rainfall can result in moisture build-up or leaks, and homes with flat roofs might suffer from ponding, wherein a pool of water gathers and doesn’t drain off. Other problems include broken or blocked guttering that is caused by inclement weather or nesting birds, loose or broken soffit, and moss and algae build up.


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